For Consumers - Why TuitionCompare?

Feedback & customer reviews have become increasingly popular in helping people decide if a product or service is right for them, which is why TuitionCompare is here to help promote your business using a unique 5 star rating feedback and review model. will provide you with the platform you need to help your tuition centre business grow. We are the first and foremost tuition comparison website and directory. Let prospective parents and students see genuine feedback from your existing customers. We will allocate you with your very own dedicated Membership Advisor who can advise you on ways to make your business grow using the unique feedback we receieve from your customers.

Your Membership Advisor will assist you in setting up your own profile on, list all the services you provide and upload pictures. We also offer callback requests for potential customers to get further information and make enquries about your tuition centre, 

We will also provide all tuition centres with an e-logo which can be used on your business websites and promotional material, highlighting your reviews on TuitionCompare.

TuitionCompare also makes use of social media pages including Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. We will regularly post to these sites also in order to attain a wider audience, this will also promote your tuition centre. 

Lastly, we also offer tuition centres the option to appear higher up on the results pages if you decide to  'Promote my Centre' for an additional fee. These tuition centres will have a much higher likelyhood of being viewed by prospective customers. It will also be clear to customers that your centre is being 'promoted' as we do not wish to mislead or miscontrue information.


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