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How do you screen check prospective tuition centres?

All tuition centres wishing to join our community will undergo a business background check to determine their legitimacy.

All tuition centres must adhere to the TuitionCompare standard when registering their tuition centre.

Finally, all reviews wether positive or negative will be published in order to maintain authenticity of reviews.

Our trained advisors interview all prospective members before they can be listed. If a tuition centre has passed our screen check process they will officially be listed on our website and will be able to use the logo on their website. 

Do I have to pay for your service? is completely FREE for parents and students to view and publish reviews of their experiences with their tuition centres. Your reviews will be invaluable in helping others find and connect with tuition centres in your local area using a website you can trust.

For tuition centres we charge a very economical and cost effective annual membership fee for our services.

How can I get the best results from your listings?

We've done all the hard work for you, so it couldnt be easier. You can find information on our tuition centre community with genuine customer reviews by clicking on their names. You can narrow down your search by entering your location details such as postcode or town or use or advanced search tool if you want to narrow your search by exam boards or subjects for example. We will then present you will details of tuition centres matching your search criteria, including real customer reviews. The reviews will help you chose a tuition centre thats right for you.

Genuine reviews will only be published and verified by us via email or phonecall, reviews shall highlight how each tuition centre has performed in four key variables such as 'Child's progress', 'The Tutors', 'The Centre & Management' and 'Study Resources' using our unique 5 star rating model.

Why do I need to be registered to leave a review?

We only allow registered customers to leave reviews because we need your contact details in order to validate and authenticate the reviews being left. 

This also allows authenticity of all reviews submitted and ensures all reviews are 100% genuine, fair and unbias. 


How does your feedback process work?

As a customer any tuition centre listed on our website should provide you with the following;

- Provide you with the Tuition Compare Review form. This electronic form allows you, the customer, to complete a short form to give comments and scores out of five stars (5) for four (4) different attributes of their service. You may also wish to post your feedback online, you'll be required to sign up before any feedback can be posted, we require you to fill in your contact details so that we may contact, you the customer. Once we receive your feedback it will be reviewed and published within 2-5 working days.

- The tuition centre must inform you that they are associated with and explain how you may leave feedback about their tuition centre through

- The tuition centre must inform, you the customer, that will contact all customers to authenticate reviews, this is to ensure reviews are genuine and legitimate.

- Any tuition centre listed with our community also agrees and adheres to having all feedback published and reviewed regardless if positive or negative.

How do I leave a review on

You'll need to register your details with us and then we have a handful of simple statements for you to rate using a 5 star model about your experiences with the tuition centre and the quality of service you recieved; at the bottom of the page is your opportunity to express your views about the whole experience in your own words. 

By registering your details with us we are able to verify and authenticate all the reviews left on TuitionCompare, maintaining our credibility as the UKs only provider of genuine honest customer tuition centre reviews. 


Why choose us? is the first tuition comparison website in the enitre UK! We are revolutionising the way parents and students chose a tuition centre by using real and genuine customer reviews using a 5 star model rating system. Whats more, for members they can join and leave or view feedback for FREE!

For tuition centres promoting your business there are many benefits of joining

  • An economical & effective way to promote your tuition centre on the UKs first & only tuition centre comparison website.
  • All reviews fully verified & regulated by
  • Genuine and honest reviews to help potential customers in your local area to choose your tuition centre.
  • Dedicated Membership Advisor to help support the growth of your business using the feedback we recieve

What happens if I am not happy with the Tuition Centre?

We want you to be really happy with the services you receieve from any tuition centre which is part of the TuitionCompare community. However sometimes things may not work out and you may want to express your areas of concern. If this happens your first point of contact should always be the tuition centre manager to try and resolve any issues. Don't forget that they are where they are through their high standards of work and customer focus, so they won't want to leave you unhappy. However, if this fails and you wish to leave a review based on your negative experiences then please follow our 'Review a Tuition Centre' process.

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